What is NDT Eddy Current Testing

Our ASNT Level III and Certified Level II eddy current inspectors are ready to expedite to your job site. Eddy current is suitable inspection method for the detection of cracks, pits, inclusions and voids on heat exchangers condenser, bearings, spindles, tubing and other metallic conductive surfaces both ferrous and non ferrous in nature.


Eddy current testing can reduce rotating equipment down time by being used as a preventative maintenance tool. ET is capable of finding flaws before it is visible making it detectable at its earliest stages prior to creep or catastrophic failure. Some defects commonly found with ET include, Internal and External Pitting and Corrosion-Erosion, service and fatigue induced Cracking, thermal deterioration, vibration -mechanical damage, fretting, Freeze Bulges, metallurgical variances , unexpected metal substitutions and Gouges.


Our experience in the field makes us great instructors in the NDT EDU classroom. We can be your NDT Level III on file overseeing your NDT program providing qualification and certification services for your inspectors. NDT Eddy Current provides continued service in the aerospace, automotive, marine, nuclear, petrochemical and heating/cooling industries. NDT Eddy Current strives to bring you a cost effective Laboratory and On-Site non-destructive testing solution.