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Eddy Current Testing-Examination can be adapted to a range of services. The key goal with Non Destructive Testing & Inspection is usually to find cracking or thinning caused by erosion-corrosion. Industrial eddy current testing services include.

  • Boiler tube inspections
  • Eddy current testing of welds
  • Condenser examinations
  • Thin Aluminum thickness verification
  • Conductivity measurements for alloy verification
  • Corrosion thinning monitoring and reporting
  • Crack detection on the surface or just below including inside and outside diameter of tubing
  • Wire crack and damage detection
  • Nonmetal coatings thickness verification
  • Gas turbine blade leading edge inspection
  • Turbine Blade blend repair verification
  • Turbine disks crack verification
  • Automotive part crack verification
  • Car Rim-wheel failure inspection
  • Transmission shaft crack evaluation
  • Rail road part failure verification